5 Ways to Detox Your Body

Do you feel tired, sluggish, or just plain unhealthy? If so, the answer to your problems may lay in a body detox, also commonly known as a body cleanse. With a cleanse, you allow your body to expel the potentially harmful toxins it has accumulated throughout the years. The end result should be an improvement in your health and overall wellbeing. So, how can you cleanse or detoxify your body? The good new is your options, as you have many.

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Just five of the many ways that you can detoxify your body are outlined below.

1. Eat Organic Foods

Toxins accumulate in our bodies for various reasons, but one main reason is all the unnatural foods we ingest. Many of today’s popular products, including foods, snacks, and drinks, are ridden with unnatural chemicals. Even with a healthy digestive system, not all of these toxins can be eliminated. That is why a cleanse is recommended on occasion.

Since the main cause of toxin buildup in our bodies is the unnatural foods we consume, the easiest way to detoxify your body is to make the switch to organic foods. With all natural ingredients, you are taking a break from the chemical and additive ridden foods currently on the market today.

When eating organic foods, it is best if you make the full-time switch to all-natural foods, but even just a few weeks or months of consuming organic only foods can help to improve your health.

2. Water Fasting

Water fasting is a relatively quick way to detox your body, but it is an approach that many people find difficult. This is due to the elimination of solid foods. On average, a fast can last three to five days. Any longer should be under the guide of a trained medical professional, as you may put your health at risk.

A water fast is popular due to your ability to lose weight. If you do not eat solid foods, calories are not an issue. This will automatically result in weight loss. With that said, know that your weight loss will likely just be temporary. When you resume eating, you will start to gain weight. To maintain a healthy weight, stick with healthy foods.

3. Juice Fasting

Juice fasting is similar to water fasting; only juice is consumed. On the market, you will find a number of all-natural juices. These juices are made without sugar and other unnatural additives. You can also make your own juices at home with a juicer. This approach is nice, as it allows you to experiment and find the best tasting juices.

Juice fasting has the same dangers as water fasting, as you are not consuming solid foods. That is why extended juice fasts are advised against. It is, however, the perfect alternative for those who fear that the tastelessness of water can ruin their fast.

4. Increase Fiber Intake

Fiber is important to a healthy digestive system. Since many studies have shown that most do not consume the recommended daily dose of fiber, it is no surprise that many experience a buildup of toxins in their bodies. That is why foods that are high in fiber are recommended. It is best to get your fiber through foods, such as raspberries, as opposed to fiber supplements.

By increasing your fiber intake, you should notice an improvement in your digestive system and regularity. This may be enough to please you. If you truly want to cleanse your body, it is best to combine fiber with healthy or all-natural, organic foods.

5. Exercise

Unfortunately, when many individuals think of expelling toxins from the body, the bathroom automatically comes to mind. Yes, this is the most common way to detox the body, but the human body also does so through sweating. For that reason, exercise can help you detox your body.

As with increasing your fiber intake, exercise is recommended with healthy eating. On the other hand, exercising and water or juice fasting does not go hand-in-hand. When on a fast, you will notice a temporary decrease in energy, due in part to the elimination of solid foods. You need to conserve your energy; therefore, strenuous exercise is not recommended while on a juice or water fast.


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