Common Causes Of Depression And How To Cope

Many different things can cause depression and each leaves its own mark; understand that you are human and need to address the things that happen to you in order to maintain a healthy state of mind.

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Life throws all kinds of things at us, but that shouldn’t lead to a permanent state of depression and unhappiness.

1. Trauma. While some people seem to have incredible coping mechanisms, other people are easily brought to their knees. If something has occurred in your life and you just can’t shake the effects of it, get help. Post-traumatic stress is not something you should take lightly or consider yourself weak over; it can linger for a life time and be a permanent obstacle to wellness and happiness. Don’t fret over how small some people might think the incident was or how easily you think it should be to handle, be realistic about its impact.

2. Loss of a loved one. Recovering emotionally from the death of someone close to us is always difficult, but some need help moving on. No matter how well you go through the motions and try to convince yourself that you are over it, still it persists in bringing you down and predominating your thought process. Seek professional grief counseling without hesitation. No doubt, the person who has left you would want you to be happy and well again.

3. Stress and change. These things can quickly overcome the psyche and cause things like depression and withdrawal; left untreated it may eventually develop into a compromised ability to function in life or even paralyzing phobias. We have to learn to work with change and alleviate stress. If you find yourself avoiding life due to overwhelming stress or failing to adapt well, ask your doctor if therapy or medication may be of use.

4. Loneliness. It’s hard to be lonely even if everything else in your life is perfect. Loneliness causes us to feel unwanted, unworthy and rejected, however; most of the time this is a self-imposed prison that we ultimately hold the key to. Actively seek ways to meet new people and put yourself in a socially adventurous position. Even if you are highly unique, have abstract interests or other characteristics that don’t fit the social “norm,” there are sure to be others out there like you: find them.

5. Family history of depression. Growing up around depression may have taught you to sweep it under the rug or adapt to it without directly treating it. Similar to the effects of alcoholism, people do what they must to survive and never truly face the problem. If depression runs in your family and is standing in the way of your present-day happiness, find a therapist. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of and you don’t deserve to live with it. Break the cycle of denial and move forward in life; happiness is a birthright for all people.

Life can be hard and depression can make it impossible. Learn how to identify your reactions to events and circumstances that bring you down and inhibit your ability to be happy. Life is too short to do otherwise.


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