Lung Detoxification Tips for Cleaner Lungs

Whether you have been smoking for only a short time, or you have been a heavy smoker for many years, you will need to consider lung detoxification because your lungs are now filled with dangerous toxins and sticky black tar.

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This combination of tar and poisons is what causes the lung disease statistics you read about in the papers every other day. Problems such as: chronic bronchitis, emphysema, throat infections, strokes, and of course, lung cancer.

Lung detoxification helps by breaking down the tar that traps cigarette toxins in your lungs, and by aiding your body to purge your insides of the toxins that reside in your lungs. Some helpful tips that are part of all good Lung Detox Programs are:

Quit Smoking!

Do not fool yourself, you cannot cleanse your lungs and continue to smoke. Before you can do anything meaningful for your lungs you must give up cigarettes for good. The benefits of a lung detox program is that you can do both at the same time which is much more powerful. Make sure that you make a real commitment to quit if you have not already.

Drink Lots of Water

Adequate hydration is important for your health in general, but when you are doing any detoxification regime you need to drink a lot more than you may think! As you drink water you flush out old water from the body that contains many toxins.

Lung Exercises

Cardio exercise is essential to maintain constantly to improve your lung health. The more you move and expand your lungs the stronger they get and the more tar is broken up. However, to really help your lungs fight back you need to make sure that you do sets specific lung exercises daily. These breathing exercises, done morning and night, will help you increase your lung capacity and strength which is sorely needed.

To find out more about how to start detoxifying your lungs and much more, including specific dosages of lung cleansing super vitamins click below. You don’t need to be another lung cancer statistic if you act today!


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