Understanding Folliculitis

Folliculitis is a skin complaint generally caused by a type of bacteria or fungus which affects the hair follicles.

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The inflammation of the skin can appear anywhere on the skin’s surface and often comes accompanied by itchiness and red blotches. Common areas of the body where follicultis appears are the legs, arms and chest.

The cause of folliculitis is generally down to bacteria called Staphylococcus but this is not as a result of the person having poor cleanliness. Whether you are fit and healthy and squeaky clean, you can still contract folliculitis. The condition in itself is not harmful in the sense that apart from its appearance and itchiness it does not pose any real problems. It can however be a little embarrassing for younger people who make shy away from exposing their skin.

Whenever you notice a slight redness and inflammation to the skin it is always wise to go along to your doctor to get it checked out. You may cause yourself unnecessary worry, especially if it is follicculitis which can be treatment with an anti bacterial cream. Once it is determined whether or not your skin complaint is either fungal or bacterial the appropriate ointment or cream can be prescribed.

As with any health condition and complaint it is recommended to try to find out the cause of it in the first place. This can help you to recognise warning signs and prepare for flare ups. Many a time it is a question of making some simple life style changes. In the case of folliculitis this may mean to avoid wearing clothes made from specific fabrics that aggravate skin or fit too tightly.


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